Energy Independence Is Just A Battery Away

Having backup battery power for your solar system provides peace of mind during unexpected outages, ensuring you have electricity when the grid goes down. It also maximizes your solar investment by storing excess energy generated during the day for use at night, reducing reliance on traditional grid power and saving you money.

  • 1. Solar Panels

  • 2. Inverter

  • 3. Battery

  • 4. Power Grid

  • 5. Inverter

  • 6. Wifi

Revolutionizing Energy

TruPower scalable utility-scale battery systems use powerful bi-directional inverters and long-lasting batteries for an efficient and cost-effective solution for utility scale projects.

The Perfect Add-On

An Energy Storage Battery is the perfect way to securely power your home. By using your solar system to charge the battery during the day, you will use less power at night from the electric company.

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